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Oh, y'know, just hangin with Charlotte Diamond during rehearsal for the Massey Society 65th Anniversary Gala concert.

Oh, y’know, just hangin with Charlotte Diamond during rehearsal for the Massey Society 65th Anniversary Gala concert.


Road Rage Remedy

Everyone has been stuck in traffic.  Whether it is as a driver, passenger in a car, or even on public transit.  Today, was one of those days for me.  Two hours in traffic when it would normally take 45 minutes.  Yikes!

I was reminded of a Vlogger that I came across about a year ago.  More people should do this to lighten the mood:

In The Heights

For the third time in two months, I have made a point of going to see a theatre show that I am not familiar with and to make the experience more authentic, I did not cram the cliff notes just prior to going.

This one was the Arts Club’s production of In the Heights.


I thoroughly enjoyed so many aspects of this production.  Set on a street in Washington Heights, this show tells a story of a bodega owner, Usnavi and the folks of his neighbourhood.  Throughout the show, I did not feel there was one weak link.  Standouts for me were Kate Blackburn (Nina), who’s voice was crystal clear with such a rich tone, Sharon Crandall (Abuela Claudia), who gave a believable performance as an elderly grandmother/matriarch, and Elena Juatco (Vanessa) who belts out her songs with perfection.

The band was tight, as always, led by Ken Cormier.  Normally, I complain that this company usually doesn’t use any woodwind players, but opts to synthesize the parts, however in this particular production, I did not bat an eye to the heavy brass sounds needed to capture the flavour of this work.

Ted Roberts’s sets were cleverly utilized without any awkward and unnecessary movement and Lisa Steven’s choreography around them was refreshing to standard musical theatre because of the ethnic nature.  The only thing that I was mildly disappointed in was, at the end of their month long run, they were having sound issues.  Mics were crackling and not being turned on when needed.  Of course, this was live theatre and knowing that, it certainly did not ruin the show in any way, shape or form.

In the Heights seemed to be received well by the audience and quite often the Arts Club will remount productions.  If this happens, I would likely see it again and tell all my friends!

Dislike for Kale?

Hehe.  For a good laugh.

Dislike For Kale

Storm Rages Through Woodwind Section of Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

Musicians.  Ha!  This article certainly doesn’t help dissolve the stereotypes of players of certain woodwind instruments.


Fell off my chair lauging:


Buy the damn bikini

This has nothing to do with nothing except that I applaud my friend for posting this on her own blog today.  It takes courage and a lot of faith to do this.  Check it out, it may just make you feel something good.

Buy the damn bikini